My goals for 2017

Let’s recap

2016 was a decent year for me. I’ve learned millions of new things in the areas of WPF, .NET Core, ASP.NET and C# in general. I feel like I’ve made a lot of progress, but I’m still not happy yet with where I’m at as a programmer. I constantly strive to be better and to achieve that I realized I need to set out some goals for myself this year. Combined with goals set out by my employer I can see a clear path of progression in my knowledge of programming and in particular C#.


Become a better programmer..? Contribute!

It’s not easy to become better as a programmer – you have to be constantly on the look out for new challenges, start your own hobby projects and contribute to existing projects. It’s actually that last bit I want to work on the most. Nowadays, it’s great if you have a GitHub profile full of contributions to projects. It gives people a chance to check out your code and the projects you have influenced and it shows a certain passion for programming that isn’t found often. So, one goal for me is to contribute to open source projects more often. I have done so in the past but in the past few years I’ve never really been actively helping out. If a project needed some changes I’d download the source and edit it locally. I’m a little self conscious about my programming but I’ve realised that the only way to get better is peer review. At some point you need other, better programmers to criticise your work to get better. There’s no shame in that, in fact it shows strength. It shows your willing to learn, get better and teaches you to deal with criticism in a productive and constructive manner.

Even if your contributions are bad – it still shows willingness to learn. Insanely important.

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