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My goals for 2017

Let’s recap 2016 was a decent¬†year for me. I’ve learned millions of new things in the areas of WPF, .NET Core, ASP.NET and C# in general. I feel like I’ve made a lot of progress, but I’m still not happy yet with where I’m at as a programmer. I constantly strive to be better and…

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I like WPF

WPF? WPF is a graphical subsystem for rendering user interfaces, first introduced in .NET Framework 3.0. It provides you with a fully featured alternative to Windows Forms which, let’s be honest, is old and hideous. It supports all kinds of cool things but we won’t go into those right now, I just want to tell…

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Wix Custom Bootstrapper: My Journey

What’s Wix? Wix is an installer toolset that allows you to create your own installers for your products. It utilizes the default, Microsoft endorsed and recommended MSI method of installing components (files, registry keys, shortcuts, anything really). The cool bit is that it’s quite easily set up and with some pre-build events in Visual Studio…

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My foray into .NET Core RTM and Angular

The rise of the web is upon us and has been for years. Ever since the release of .NET Core¬†(which is pretty cool by the way!) I’ve been wanting to get into TypeScript and Angular. I’ve used a lot of MVC in the past in a .NET environment and there are some things that have…

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